I am proud to be the daughter of a refugee

Tomorrow I will be going to Athens to witness first hand the true extent of the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Whilst out there, I will be acting as part of a church team to provide as much help, to as many people, as possible. This experience will be one that I will never forget and I will certainly return home from these experiences a changed person. However, I believe it will be a rewarding experience and a chance to explore my faith in God whilst facing a really difficult situation that is taking place in our world.That leads me nicely into the question: What am I looking forward to?
I am looking forward to meeting people who were in the same situation as my father. I am the daughter of a refugee and a very proud one to say the least. My father was a refugee, seeking safety from the Sri Lankan Civil War. He fled his country by boat, in the same way many of the Syrian Refugees are still doing to this day. Through the compassion of people he managed to study, get a job and come to know God. (As well as have a family, which is obviously how I fit into the equations!) 

Our amazing church family provided as simple as a friendly face and some to talk to and it is through this small steps that my father is where he is today! I would love to be that one friendly face that can provide a safe smile in a time of hardship and struggle.

Along with this, I have another reason. I don’t know about you, but as I see the news: on one hand I feel upset to see the horrible situations the Refugees are having to face but on the other, I can’t quite fathom that it is happening on such a large scale and really not that far away from my own country. Seeing pictures, reading news, listening to the reports will be nothing in comparison to witnessing the hardship first hand. 
I want to explain that for me on a personal level, it is not about me standing and preaching about Christianity because I do not believe that is an appropriate approach. I am a firm believer that actions speak loader than words, and through my actions I would like to spread the love of God to all people I come in contact with. 
I would really love it if you could keep updated and follow the journey with me. I would love it if you could pray for my team and I. 

Jasmine x


One thought on “I am proud to be the daughter of a refugee

  1. Your beauty is going to be a shining light for those people. They’ve lost so much and you are going to bring them hope. Hope that there is a world that cares. So proud of you and the amazing lady you are xx


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