Next stop… Athens

Well, we made it. With only an hour delay on the flight! I would call that a successful trip! Once we finally reached the place we will be staying for the next week, it was time to go a check out the local food! And oh boy did we hit the jackpot. My favourite food (that I survived on when I last came to Athens) is a thick pitta bread that is stuffed with meat, salad, sauces, chips and packed full of deliciousness. This is what we found and ate! Finally climbing into bed at 00:05. 

On the more, let’s say spiritual and topical side, I was thinking about other reasons why you may have chosen to take part in this mission. As we were discussing this over dinner, as you do, one member of our team has sought in God to be broken. To feel a core overwhelming sense of upset for the dire conditions that these people are having to live in and experience. This made me think, and as I write this I am still thinking:

To fully feel true empathy for someone, empathy that is so true it makes your heartbreak- you would need to be broken first. This would show all your weaknesses and all your flaws, allowing you to be vulnerable and witness the extent of how much heart ache is going on in the world. This may make no sense as it is 01:26 in the morning and I am just typing this as it comes to my mind. But to feel that sort of empathy, it takes a certain amount of breaking before (in God) you can be guided and formed into that new person. A person with a new level of understanding and empathy which allows you to interact, except and love all the people you meet.

With that, Goodnight: Jasmine xx


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