Let’s go to the beach and worship

After a rather lazy day, waiting for the rest of our team, I felt very much that we were one day into our mission and we had done nothing. However, little did I know (once our team had arrived) that a trip to the beach would really kick this mission off!

Our group of girls went for a swim. Quickly, we noticed that a group of boys were moving closer to us. And after a short while, these boy began splashing one of our girls. One of our male team mates whistled them to stop. They did. Our team member noticed they were speaking Arabic and decided to talk to them. We soon found out that they were refugees from Syria. They had undergone a boat journey to enable them to safely settle in Greece. 

The conversation continued and then, we asked them if we could pray for them. After a few giggles because of miscommunication, we understood that one boy was a Christian and one was a Muslim. They were really open to the prayer, so we prayed.

But it doesn’t stop there. As we took to the sand to get redressed, we met the rest of their family and friends. They were very happy that we had a guitar, so our team member played and sang. We praised God on the beach! It was incredible, I don’t think I can write the expressions on their faces as we sang. They really enjoyed it and even sang in Arabic.  They really wanted us to come back tomorrow but with some sort of drum and percussion instrument for them to join in.

This really opened my eyes to how Gods work is everywhere and every oppitunity we have we should take. I simply think that the story speaks for itself or maybe even my re-telling of the story doesn’t do it justice but, I don’t think that I need to write my reflection because the story itself is amazing.

Late night writing again, Jasmine x


2 thoughts on “Let’s go to the beach and worship

  1. What an amazing blog! Your whole holiday is one big, touching experience and I pray it continues as it has! Looking forward to your next posts, I am sure they will speak to the readers in a way that only personal experience can. Such an inspiration Jasmine!
    Tim x


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